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Biliyor muydunuz? Did you know you can use many instant messengers for video conferencing, telefonferencing and IP conferencing?

Historically, the major expense in establishing a video conferencing system has been in the video technology, which requires a video camera, video display, and a fast data connection. Because of these requirements, video conferencing has been quite expensive until recently.

In recent years, IP (internet protocol) based video conferencing has been overtaking traditional ISDN-based systems. Internet video conferencing has the advantage that it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a webcam. In addition, it becomes possible to integrate live video with a web conferencing tool, allowing for a much richer multimedia environment for live meetings and presentations.

Video conferencing can be used as an imperfect substitute for many face-to-face meeting requirements where the cost or time required for physical transportation of parties is undesirable. For instance, interviews with job applicants, business meetings, and lectures can be conducted effectively via video conference.

For business purposes, the current preference is for the use of private or virtual private network (VPN) connections for IP video teleconferencing which guarantees better performance and transmission security. Local area network infrastructure provides for high-bandwidth communication suitable to the application of video conferencing technology.


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